«Caro Giuseppe, you were a such wonderful Guide! Your knowledge and explanation of the Puglia region was outstanding! You were so kind and made our visit to Puglia so memorable! ...» Roz & Rick, Jeannette & Angelo (november, 2019) 

«Hi Giuseppe, we have arrived home safely and would like to share a photo with you of our wonderful time on the tour.  We would like to thank you for being the most caring and thoughtful tour guide, making sure we were all safe and happy! We really appreciated what you did for us. I think Apulia has been one of the best tours of the ‘real Italy’. Please feel free to use my comments and photos in your business.  Wishing you success always 🙂

Mille Grazie.» Giovanna e Ferdinando (october, 2019) 

«Giuseppe was a fantastic guide for my family and I this summer in Puglia. We saw some beautiful sights and hidden destinations, great food and wine! Thank you Giuseppe, we will be back!» Louisa (january, 2015) 

«Hi Giuseppe, how are you? We met last year. You were our guide in Bari. Do you remember? My family and I had a great time walking through the narrow lanes of Bari. I still remember the Saint Nicholas' story, it was very interesting. We also ate a lot of very good food, in particular "sgagliozzhe", great taste! I hope to come back soon and meet you again, perhaps in September. Thank you very much. Bye!» Catherine (march, 2014) 

«The visit to Toritto was especially fruitful for me since I was able to visit the birthplaces of my grandparents and obtain copies of their birth records (all as a result of your efforts on my behalf). Stare bene. Arrivederci.» Mikey (New York, 2013) 

«Giuseppe was wonderful. I am a tough critic but cannot say enough nice things about him. (…) The highlight and reason for this trip was to get my father to Toritto, Italy. This is where his grandparents were born. Giuseppe planned a meeting with the Sindaco which is like the mayor, a town historian and some other men from that town. My father was able to obtain copies of their birth certificates and walk through the town where they lived with these men explaining as we went along and Giuseppe translating so we would know what they said... My father even stood in front of the address where they think his grandparents lived. He was able to speak to many people in the town. He was amazed.» Theresa (January 2012) 

«Kay & I have both settled back into life & work here in New Zealand after our fabulous trip to Italy. We have lots of memories of happy times there in Italy and some good recipes to try at home. 

Thanks to you Giuseppe for the very interesting tours around Apulia; it is a spectacular part of Italy.» Julie (September 2011) 

«Grazie mille per la sua gentilezza. Noi siamo contenti con Lei e abbiamo bella memoria, grazie ancora. Salute e felice dal Giappone.» Sato e Yoko (September 2010)