He who does not travel does not know the value of men.

(Moorish proverb)

EAT local

Simple and wholesome ingredients, seriously tempting food and wine. Orecchiette alle cime di rape (small ear shaped pasta with green turnip tops) or fresh piccadilly tomatoes. Mozzarella or burrata creamy cheese, a local specialty from the soft hearth. Rural bread, focaccia and taralli (a kind of italian pretzel). Tasty Extra virgin olive oil. Fresh and varied fish. Quality wines from the red Primitivo and Negroamaro to the fresh and fragrant white wines. And how the Italians say “a tavola non si invecchia” (at table you don't become old)

Experience the fresh tasty food of Puglia & Basilicata made with natural produces in a festival, a vibrant market, a trail or in a tasty dish.

round peppers, pecorino cheese and capocollo

Cookery & Crafts

The food and crafts of Puglia, much like the region itself, remain relatively undiscovered. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to take your tastebuds on an adventure. Like much of Italy, you’ll find olive oils, meats, cheeses and pasta at it’s heart, but not like you’ve ever tasted before.


Here is an example of a culinary journey at the discovery of local tastes and traditional recipes, in the beautiful setting of the "macchia mediterranea" (Mediterranean scrub).